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Lost Vape Ursa Pocket 30W Vape Kit

Lost Vape Ursa Pocket 30W Vape Kit

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Introducing the URSA Pocket, a groundbreaking gaming pod kit that takes your vaping journey to new heights of interactive entertainment. Designed for users aged 21 and above, this innovative device features three captivating games to keep you engaged and delighted:

1. WW GAME 7777: Test your luck and challenge your friends in this exhilarating game of chance.

2. Virtual Pet: Nurture and raise your virtual pet with every puff. Earn coins, purchase various foods, and watch your pet thrive as you enjoy your vaping sessions.

3. Puff Count Competition: Compete against fellow vapers to achieve puff count glory, showcase your ranking on our social media platforms, and seize the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Key Features:

1,200 mAh Battery: Enjoy extended vaping sessions throughout the day, courtesy of the robust 1,200 mAh battery.

3-inch Back-Lit Panel: The retro x cyber design adorning the 3-inch back-lit panel adds a dash of urban flair to your vaping experience.

Game-Type Fire Button: The URSA Pocket features a user-friendly retro gamepad interface, ensuring effortless control and navigation.

URSA Cartridge Compatibility: Compatible with URSA series cartridges, offering versatility to accommodate your vaping preferences.

Ample Power: With support for a maximum output of 30W, the URSA Pocket guarantees an exceptional vaping experience, with exciting new coils and cartridges on online vape stores.
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