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Zombi Live Badder 3.5G Disposable Vape

Zombi Live Badder 3.5G Disposable Vape

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Experience the next level of vaping bliss with Zombi Live Badder Disposable, a 3.5-gram dynamo infused with live badder delta 8 THC. Crafted to perfection, this disposable device unlocks the magic of live badder-extracted distillate, promising a potent and flavorful journey with every draw. Revel in the benefits of live badder, boasting a richer terpene profile for enhanced taste and aroma, along with a nuanced and well-rounded high.

Featuring naturally-derived terpenes and a convenient preheat function, this disposable delivers authenticity and a user-friendly design. Each batch undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing, ensuring both potency and safety. Explore Zombi's lineup of 6 powerful strains, from the energizing Strawberry Cough to the tropical Miami Mango, available in hybrid, indica, and sativa options.

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